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We clean and conserve water, save energy & deliver premium maintenance solutions

With a focus on hospitality, industrial and infrastructure businesses; customers value NCH Europe based on:

  • Reliable, close and personal relationships
  • Expertise in understanding their operations
  • Our technology delivering demonstrable benefits

With a presence in 25 countries and a network of over 2,000 sales staff, NCH Europe is one of the largest divisions of NCH Corporation; a US based multinational company.

We are dedicated to water, energy and maintenance solutions.


From sparkling clean work surfaces to hygienically clean kitchens and free flowing drains, NCH products and solutions make the right impression and ensure consumers have confidence in your brand.


High quality, heavy duty solutions to meet the challenges of industry head on; from lubricants to industrial degreasers, acid descalers to biological solutions.


Keeping our transport systems on track or buildings maintained whilst ensuring energy efficiency and conserving water, NCH delivers best in-class maintenance solutions.

Our latest customer case study

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    Rust Corrosion Case study

    Construction Industry, UK

    Established over 60 years ago, and now one of the most recognised names in the building and civil engineering industry with a turnover in excess of £650m, the company are integral to the UK's infrastructure and increasingly part of the foundations of international markets.

    The company has a large amount of costly heavy lifting equipment used to lift everything from building materials through to porta cabins and even man lifters carrying workers. This lifting gear is subject to extreme weather conditions and therefore rust and corrosion.



    After use, all lifting gear must be inspected to ensure the structural integrity of the metal before re-use. The consequences of a failure of lifting gear can be catastrophic.

    The inspection regime was a manual operation using wire brushes and visual inspection of the chains, shackles and pulleys. This inspection regime was time consuming and inefficient as many parts were scrapped prematurely due to the inability to inspect thoroughly.


    Immersion of the lifting gear in X-Rust 7 for 24 hours allows for a much more accurate visual inspection. X-Rust 7 removes rust from all crevices to clearly reveal any structural faults.


    Improved inspection regime

    Cost reduction on chain and equipment wastage

    Time saving - no more manual scrubbing to remove rust with wire brushes

    Image & user confidence - impression of well maintained equipment on site. Parts could be painted following de-rusting.

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