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NCH Maintenance supplies your business with the solutions and technical expertise to keep your operations running efficiently and cost effectively whilst helping you reduce health and safety concerns.

The NCH range of industrial maintenance products make tasks clean, simple and efficient. Our extensive range of solutions suit a wide range of applications including:


Don’t slip up when faced with and a leak or spill. Our range of absorbent solutions manage all types of spills.

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Graffiti Removal

Don’t let graffiti rewrite your hard earned reputation. Our range of speciality graffiti products remove the most stubborn of unwanted “art”.

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No need to make a stink, NCH Maintenance have got the deodorisers you need to keep your premises smelling fresh.

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Commercial Cleaning

Tackle tough soils and grease with the professional strength of NCH Maintenance.

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Floor Care

Even in the toughest of work places a well maintained floor will make the right impression. We’ve all the heavy duty floor coatings you’ll need to do just that.

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Hand Care

“Clean, Protect and Condition” the formula to healthy hands. Protect the tools of every trade with our hand care range.

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Ensure your vehicle fleet shines above the competition. Our range of vehicle wash not only cleans the vehicle but ensures it stays cleaner for longer.

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