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Drain Maintenance

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Don’t let blockages and odours overpower your business. Maintain your drains with NCH Wastewater.

Prevent expensive blockages with our powdered drain and sewer treatment. Ensure your drains are fully efficient with our concentrated liquid drain openers.

Our solutions cut through grease and organic matter to keep drains cleaner for longer. With regular use our solutions protect plumbing systems, maintain drain flow and reduce the need for pump-out and clean out operations.

NCH Wastewater understands that one product doesn’t suit all needs, which is why we provide our customers with a range of drain maintenance solutions. Whether you are looking for a biological treatment to reduce COD, BOD and SS, an acidic solution with built in corrosion inhibitors or a deodorant for drains temporarily out of use; let NCH Wastewater provide the solution you need.


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